Cracking Christmas

9 students

Welcome to our Cracking Christmas cookery course.
Whether you are a novice in cooking the Christmas dinner or whether you are a dab hand and looking for fresh inspiration, there is plenty for everyone here – this course is bursting with fresh flavours and yet all recipes are practical and manageable, which is important when cooking a feast for a number of guests!
In this course you will learn the full Christmas celebratory meal from start to finish including a cocktail, delicious smoked salmon starter, beautiful prawn and fennel bisque right through to the main course of turkey and ham with all the trimmings and two delicious deserts. And let’s not finish there because we have beautiful truffles to enjoy with a coffee at the end of this fabulous festive occasion.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn how to prepare:

  • Roast turkey and glaze it
  • Bake and garnish a ham
  • How to cook prawns properly and make a bisque
  • How to make an easy cocktail
  • How to prepare vegetables including Brussels sprouts and hassleback potatoes
  • How to make a gravy
  • How to carve a turkey
  • How to make a cheesecake
  • Working with chocolate and making truffles
  • Knife skills
  • And much much more…

How to get the most out of this course

Before you cook:

  1. Read the recipe and the tips
  2. Watch the video
  3. Read the supplementary information in the Cook with Curiosity – Information corner section
  4. Do your shopping list
  5. Make a note of any questions you may have in advance of making the dish and send to “ask the tutor”

Then to the cooking:

  1. Have fun, make the dish, taste as you go…. and enjoy!
  2. And remember to “ask the tutor” if you have any subsequent questions or feedback – we are here to help

We all have different tastes, maybe you added more sweetness into the dish or maybe you added more seasoning, or changed some ingredients to suit your tastes. I would encourage you to make notes to this effect so that when you are repeating the recipe you have a perfect recipe for your taste.

And do share photographs of your finished dish, tag me, Catherine Fulvio, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #CatherineFulvioOnlineCooking and #cookwithcuriosity
Before you cook:

And do share photographs of your finished dish, tag me, Catherine Fulvio, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #CatherineFulvioOnlineCooking and #cookwithcuriosity

Do you have any questions, need support?

You will find lots of tips to company each recipe both on the recipe sheet and in the audio.
If you have any specific questions, complete the “Ask one of our tutors” form and we will get back to you.

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