One Pot Creamy Pancetta Chicken for the RTE Guide


Serves 4
A midweek meal that won’t be stressful and reflecting the flavours of my favourite Italian ingredients.

20200122 one pot creamy pancetta

100g diced pancetta
2 yellow peppers, deseeded and sliced
3 sundried tomato halves, finely diced
3 potatoes, peeled and roughly diced

For the chicken

4 medium chicken fillets, slice a pocket cut on the side of each
4 tbsp ricotta
A handful of spinach
Salt and freshly ground pepper pepper

For Sauce:
200ml chicken stock
150ml double cream
½ tsp paprika
5 sprigs of thyme
2 tsp chopped parsley

 Preheat the oven to 180°C/fan 160°C/gas 4. 
Heat a large oven proof casserole on the hob, add a little oil and the pancetta. Cook until crisp and then add the yellow peppers, sundried tomatoes and potato pieces, cook for about 3 minutes, stirring from time to time. Combine the ricotta and spinach with some seasoning. Stuff the chicken pockets with the spinach filling. Place the chicken fillets into the oven proof casserole with the pancetta, yellow peppers and potatoes.  
Combine the chicken stock, cream, paprika and parsley. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Pour the stock cream over the chicken, add the thyme and cover with a lid or foil and place into the oven to bake for about 30 to 35 minutes until the chicken fillets and potatoes are cooked. Remove the lid and leave in the oven to brown for about 8 to 10 minutes before serving. Keep an eye on it.  
Leave to “rest” for about 3 minutes to rest before serving.

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