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Catherine’s Cook Like a Professional Certificate Course

Do you want to extend your culinary knowledge? If you love experimenting with new recipes, trying new flavours and savouring the results, well this is the course to upskill.
In this detailed course, I start at the beginning with knife skills then take you step-by-step through every cooking skill required from poaching to steaming, from stir frying to braising and lots more. I also take you through each ingredient section so you learn all the key skills in preparing fish properly, meat, fruits, veg and legumes, soups and sauces, stunning salads, adding flavour to your dishes, cooking eggs including the most delicious Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale.
This course is packed with a wide variety of delicious recipes to broaden your knowledge, so if you want to learn how to make fresh pasta and ravioli, shakshuka, a wonderful porcini risotto, work with polenta, make a ragu from scratch, prepare mussels with saffron chili….. or how about an easy brioche or flatbreads? It’s all here for you to learn in my Cook like a Pro certificate course So why not start now and in three month’s time you never know with this course will take you!
The aim of this course is to guide you through a range of skills, building up your confidence in the kitchen and to have a folder of delicious recipes that you have practised and are able to prepare with ease.
Every week we will be trying different key ingredients as well as skills that will keep you challenged enabling you to become passionate about foods and products, sourcing them locally and know their origin as well as a little history. You’ll be able to follow recipes, audio and video instructions correctly and have fun in the kitchen.
We designed this course to run over 13 weeks but there are lots of recipes included, so it is quite ok to take your time in creating each recipe, stretching the course to suit your time frame. The most important point is that you do get to make and taste the dishes, as this is the only way to learn.

Price: Only €250

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