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Tired of endlessly searching online for that one recipe or “how to” video? Confused by the varying results?

Welcome, I hope you enjoy my “one stop shop” for all your cookery learning from beginners to advanced and everything in between, you will be sure to find the class or course that suits you. Enjoy these lessons presented in a relaxed and fun manner, in the comfort of your own home.

So now I invite you to feed your passion for cooking and baking as I welcome you to my kitchen.
In a series of courses, classes and live cookery lessons I will help you upskill to become a better cook by teaching you new techniques, by helping you understand what constitutes the perfect plate and in doing so, resulting in you creating amazing dishes from scratch.

With years of experience teaching in our school and sharing a real love of local food and fresh ingredients, I am excited to share my passion with you now.

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With on-line experiences and virtual interactions so popular both at home and internationally, myself and my team at Ballyknocken Cookery School are enjoying the opportunity to deliver a host of virtual experiences to many happy customers worldwide.

To learn new skills and hone your foodie passion, you can join up to an individual live cookery class or why not take one of our more in-depth cookery courses.

Transition year is an ideal time to sharpen skills in the kitchen, we teach core food preparation and cooking skills with the aim of having the teenagers fully equipped for independent student life.

Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living
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Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living
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If you would like to organise a class or your event on location at Ballyknocken House, Farm & Cookery School, we would be delighted to welcome you!