Flatbread with Rosemary

Makes 8 large flatbreads

This is Italian fast food usually served immediately, filled with cheeses, roasted garlic vegetables, salami or prosciutto.  

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Easter Bread

Makes 5 or 6 depending on the size

This is a fluffy, light bread which is such fun to make. And, as it’s sweet, you can be sure the children will devour lots of it. Smaller eggs work better in this recipe and the dough is braided around the eggs.

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Cheesy Buns

Makes 12  

These are my little “fistful” buns which are delicious and my two children love to help me shape them. Twist each little bun closed tightly as they can open during baking although I love the freeform shapes when they are baked. 

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Focaccia with red wine & grapes

Makes 1 round

This Tuscan bread celebrates the wine grape harvest. As you can imagine, it’s stunning with cheese. The grapes begin to caramelize when baked and form a really delicious slightly crispy topping.

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Mussels with Saffron & Cream

Serves 4

In my opinion, I think that we don’t use mussels enough when entertaining. They are so quick to prepare, ensure that they are clean and rinsed a good few times though and throw out mussels that have opened before they are cooked and ones that are closed after they are cooked. Add a little saffron as it adds a special something to any dish. Expensive as it is, it is worth it to have a little in your store cupboard. 

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Horseshoe Cookies - Crumiri

Makes 24
These classic cornmeal biscuits from Piedmont have a slight horseshoe shape. I learned how to make these the traditional way, by placing the dry ingredients on a work surface and slowly incorporating all the butter to form a biscuit dough. But as soon as I got home, I resorted to the mixer – anything for an easy life!

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