Student & Transition Year

Transition Year is the optimum time to learn new skills so why not take the time to experiment in the kitchen on our 13 week course “Cooking Essentials Certificate Course for Students”? This is perfect for those undertaking Gaisce as you will learn essential technique and skills in all aspects of cooking and baking.

Cooking is a key lifelong skill, necessary no matter what road one travels on through life. Being able to cook is vital for self-care and nutrition.

This course teaches the fundamentals of food and the importance of cooking from scratch. It details key cooking and baking skills, challenges the participant each week to engage in a new topic, whether it be a style of cooking or a set of new flavours resulting in a delicious dish and thereby giving the cook in the house the night off!
And who knows you might even be the world next MasterChef or win the next big Bake Off!

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Your course includes:

  • Hands on learning experience – (Best way of learning)
  • Course contains 13 weekly modules broken down into dish type, ingredient type and relevant prep and cooking skills
  • Demonstration videos followed by hands on cookery activities highlighting key skills
  • Downloadable technical notes during each module
  • Printable recipes with each section/ skill area
  • Audio instruction, brief chat and tips for each recipe
  • 1 hour of cooking time each week (may be slightly more depending on the topic)
  • Minimum 2 recipes per week (serves 4 people) highlighting key skills in each module
  • Access to one of our cookery school tutors to answer any of your questions
  • To move onto the next week, the student should prepare the recipes and must complete (pass) a multiple-choice quiz
  • To complete the course, the student must prepare one final challenge dish and submit a photo and details of the dish.
  • A Certificate of Achievement for Cooking Essentials for Students will be awarded upon Completion
Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living

Cooking Essentials Certificate Course for Students


Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living
Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living

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