Working with Brands

Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living

Catherine and her team of expert chefs, food-stylist and marketing experts are available to provide food consultancy services to food brands, cafes, hotels and delicatessens assisting in the development, manufacturing and marketing of products or services.

Catherine’s expert knowledge of the food industry in Ireland matched with her entrepreneurial spirit provide clients with the best opportunities possible as they benefit from her in-depth knowledge and experience.

Services include:

  • Content Creation – recipe development, video content for brands on social media outlets
  • Product Development – assistance in new innovative products to match current market trends
  • Recipe Development & Testing – researching and writing recipes and sourcing suppliers and produce
  • Test Kitchen – Ballyknocken Cookery School also offers a variety of packages for competition prizes for food producers and suppliers
  • Kitchen Hire – looking for a location to test, video or photograph your dishes?
Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living

Fine foodCatherine FulvioGood living

Ballyknocken House. Farm & Cookery School.

If you would like to organise a class or your event on location at Ballyknocken House, Farm & Cookery School, we would be delighted to welcome you!